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It’s the first #WOOFSupport blog hop — 29 Comments

  1. I am so comforted to know that other well-socialized, trained dogs develop leash reactivity for no reason! Not that I am glad that you, Torrey, have the same problem as Brychwyn but when most people talk about their reactive dogs they have some horrible attack story (or two like Oz!) to match. I hope you and Brychwyn will like each other, Torrey… but two blue merle whirling dervishes could also be entertaining… and embarrassing… ;)

  2. I am usually OK but sometimes I can be naughty and peeps can’t see any reason for it. Luckily it is not that often. I don’t like really big dogs much at all. I tend to be timid round them. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Torrey I am the same and Mom doesn’t completely know why. We didn’t get our post done, hoping to get ours done by Sunday…if not, might have to join the next hop.

  4. It is difficult to believe that such sweet faces can suddenly appear so menacing when on a leash! But I see the same thing with our beagle Cricket. I am glad to hear that you can be calmed down, Torrey, and will sit nicely. It gives everyone else hope that we can make progress with our dogs also.

  5. Oh Torrey…first off, that puppy photo of you is just PRECIOUS! I know you are a beautiful dog but dawg, oh dawg were you the cutest puppy or what? Thank you for co-hosting the hop with me…I feel such a sense of relief to know that I am not the only whirling dervish in the world! You know, Ma tried the “sit” command for me but it didn’t work. She said it seemed like I was “just waiting to pounce”…I have to keep moving and be distracted with the “Look” command. I am glad that works for you though! I guess we all have our little quirks both in our reactivity and in what distracts us from it.
    Thanks again for sharing & for being my co-host!

  6. You’re a beautiful dog, Torrey, and you sure were a super adorable puppy! Sounds like a good idea for a blog hop. It’s always so helpful to hear what other people have done to help their pets through their fears.

  7. Torrey, you are right, with that sweet face…I would never have guessed, but we all have our own foibles don’t we…even me, SlimDoggy. My mom said the same – hopefully we will learn from each other!

  8. How wonderful that you learned to sit and wait for the other dog to pass! It can be so frustrating when people (and dogs) derail us by trying to stop and say hello. Our tendency is to want to say “Oh, sure, our dogs are friendly,” even when we’re scared what they might do. It doesn’t happen to us too often, because Leo is scary looking when he barks. But the next time a small child runs toward us asking, “Is he friendly?” I plan to snarl, “NO! He bites!” Actually, that’s not fair to Leo. At the Christmas tree lot last year, a couple (of adults) asked to meet him and he was perfectly lovely. But I have to keep the safety of small children in mind!

  9. Oh, Torrey, you were such an adorable little puppy! You’re still adorable, but there’s something like a small fluffy ball of fur that really pulls my heart strings.

    If you and Maya met on a walk, I bet you’d like her. I know she’d like you. But if you and Pierson met… well, let’s just say we had to join the WOOF pack too.

  10. Rita is very similar – she is okay off leash (with most dogs) but not on leash. However, we didn’t have her as a pup so we don’t really know what happened to her. I should try to add a post to the hop, but just not sure I’ll have the time! Anyway, looking forward to reading as many posts as I can!

  11. Oh don’t worry about that Torrey that is a very common thing among dogs. Yesterday we were watching an episode of “The dog whisper” and was a dog just like you. Maybe you want a little more training to stop doing that :)

  12. I would have never guessed Torrey! Wonder what makes you want to bark at the other dogs? I read that some dogs feel kind of trapped on a leash, so they gotta protect themselves somehow. I guess barking and carrying about is a good way to do it.

  13. We think its called leash aggressive or reactive something like that, it would help you to find that. Also, it may be she is reacting to signals from the other dog. I don’t like over excited dogs and will snap at them to back off. I am going to link my post from today later on if that’s okay, mom needs lots of help with my separation anxiety! Love Dolly

  14. Awesome hop. I wouldn’t know you guys have these challenge because everyone’s dog looks perfectly happy and all on their blogs! :D I think it’s great to have these sort of conversation and provide support for each other. *thumbs up*

  15. Delilah hates leash greeting too! Whenever possible I drop the leash, of course avoidance for me works the best. :-) I have had some success with having her sit and treats and reassurance as a dog passes us at a good distance, and I’ve also learned to watch and see what type of dog she reacts too. In most cases it is a dog that is very high energy, running in her face.

  16. You are not alone Torrey, that’s for sure. Like your mom, my mom has been taking her shepherd out since he was a pup, and he acts the same way around strange dogs too. She’s tried hard to “fix” the issue for a really long time, but nothing worked. It’s just who he is.

    It’s very difficult when other owners let their dogs approach. All dog owners should learn to ask permission first, just because their dog is friendly doens’t mean the other dog is.

  17. Thanks so much for sharing your story!
    This is a wonderful hop where we can get together and help each other because so many of us go through similar things with these situations!
    I’m all linked up now as well.
    ((Husky hugz))
    Frum our pack at love is being owned by a husky

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