It’s Time to Hit the Road — 17 Comments

  1. I will be closely watching for the horses, Mary! Have a safe and enjoyable trip, and those Grand Tetons, SO MAJESTIC!

  2. Hello, sounds like a fun time. Good luck with the shows. I love the view of the Tetons, one of my favorite places. Have a happy day!

  3. I admire your courage and sense of adventure — the way you and Al live so beautifully in the moment is inspiring.

    Happy Anniversary and Birthday (early)!

  4. Well just in case you don’t have internet next week, happy anniversary and happy birthday! There’s nothing better than celebrating in one of your favorite places. Have a safe, fun trip!

  5. What Daisy said!! I hope you have a wonderful anniversary, birthday, and road “trip” and much success at the shows!! The scenery is absolutely beautiful! I wish I could enjoy it in person! I’ll be watching for whatever you can post!!

  6. I can see why you’re excited about the spots you’re returning too.

    We too have been pinned down, making engine repairs. I am so thrilled to be anchoring again tomorrow night!

  7. I’m so happy for you!!!! I once raced my bike through those Sawtooth mountains. It was a 10 day race… wow, it was beautiful but very hard. Have a great time!!!! BTW, we were thinking of somewhere near Jackson for the eclipse until we started reading about the crowds. Now, we’re rethinking it…

  8. a happy summer to you… and a super great time… and in case there is no internet we wish you a happy birthday and a happy anniversary in advance..

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