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Just a nice day for a walk — 27 Comments

  1. Great shots! I’m pretty sure a wild turkey might out-weigh both Roxy and Torrey, so leaving them be is probably for the best!

  2. Great photos Roxy! And I do see the heart in the mountain! Your mom has been finding hearts everywhere lately. I wonder if it is a sign (of what, I don’t know)?!? It looks like you had a beautiful day for our hike. I think everyone is lucky the weather is starting to warm up again.
    Happy Monday.

  3. well glad you gots some sun and exercise. Mom gots some great shots. Seeya thursday for dinner if not sooner. Hugs and love ya tons!

  4. We had wild turkeys popping up around here last year too! I heard they are not very friendly!

    Love the picture of the raindrops on the blade of grass!

  5. what a great walk!! Mom LOVED the photo of the green leaf with the water, so beautiful!!!! Oh and about the “Wild Turkeys”, Mom said the only “Wild Turkey” she has ever met is the kind that you DRINK!! BOL!!

  6. I’m so sorry you didn’t get to chase the wildlife. But you are right that the photo of the water on the grass turned out really great! And that fence… hmmmmm, that is a puzzle. Maybe you should get a detective hat like Bongo dog has (bongodogblog) and do some investigation. However, tell your mom that that is a fantastic photo of it!

  7. It sounds like it was great to get out today. You both look so happy! I love the photo of the holly leaf and the fence with the mountains in the background.

    We had a flock of turkeys march past our house the other morning. Don’t chase them!

  8. What a great walk!! I especially love the blade of grass photo…and all the ones of the dogs of course!! Happy April Fool’s Day!!

  9. Hey Guys

    I love all your pics, but those close ups are pawsome! :)

    How do you stop yourselves from chasing squirrels when you’re off lead? My Mum doesn’t think I’d have that much self control!

    I hope you’re having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

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