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Just another Monday — 52 Comments

  1. Spring has passed us by too..We are freezing our butts off, it’s minus 1 here today.. Pawlease let’s have some sun.. Lovely bracelet xx00xx

  2. Here, just outside Washington, DC, we are getting SNOW! There are already a couple of inches and the schools are all closing!

    Happy Monday!

  3. Love those ears in your photo. They say spring may start showing itself the end of the week here, and we are ready. We have had so much snow fun but it is time to find that grass!

  4. I think mother nature is the mischief maker this week, or the ground hog one! Enjoy your snuggle time while your mom works!


  5. Oh…I love the bracelet. The one with the turquoise stone was my favorite, now it’s a competition between that one and this. Can’t wait to see the ones that come out of the chips you found. Torrey and Roxy look like they have the best plan for how to wait for spring…naps.

  6. Well, as long as the weather is yucky, you’ll have plenty of time to bead. Once it’s really nice, you’ll just want to be outdoors.

  7. It was windy here on Sunday – but Saturday was gorgeous! About 85 degrees and sunny. Spring has definitely arrived in Austin. =)

  8. Spring is almost here in Central Texas…we’ve had a couple of 80 degree days already and irises, lantana, sage and wild verbenas are blooming. Then last night it was 32 degrees! Keep the faith, Roxy, you will have Spring soon!

  9. The snow has pretty much put a kink in our lives here, too. I’m tired of snow and if I never see another flake of it, well, I won’t be too sad. At least for a long while!


  10. Gosh, everyone’s commenting on how bad their weather is… It’s lovely here. :) I guess that is my mischief for today – gloating about our nice weather.

    Great photos. Hope you get some good weather soon!

  11. We decided that we might as well just hibernate and forget about spring. It is dreadful. Last year,weeks earlier, it was in the 60’s during the day. Currently it doesn’t matter what the temperature is – it is just cold and tiresome. I am suffering from a very serious case of molasses hypothermia syndrome – very ineffectiv way to be. You look very cute napping by the way!

  12. Hey Guys,

    I know where spring is – it’s here in California – it’s really warm and lovely – you should come and visit!! :)

    Wags to all

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  13. The weather has been all sorts of crazy for us here as well! We haven’t gotten snow or anything of the sorts, but it was rather windy here today! We love the beadwork your mommy did, it looks furry pretty! Hope you have good day! Woofee

  14. We had some beautiful spring weather today, and it was so good to get out in it, I hope you get some soon!

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