Kitt Peak National Observatory — 19 Comments

  1. The observatory is impressive.. And I love the views and scenery! The crested saguaro is cool, great shot.. I like your motto. Have a happy day!

  2. AHHHHHHHHHHHH! I TOO JUST WANT to travel the back roads of places unseen. Oh Mary, that CACTUS IS WILD! And I can almost hear the air in the dessert….it is silent, it is arid, it’s so pure….thank you again! Anita

  3. Wow, that is one impressible telescope/observatory. Crested Saguaro – didn’t you see the one in the town center in Carefree? Usually the art fests/craft shows are set up around it.
    I can’t seem to attach a link to my post so you can look for the crested saguaro during your next art show in Cave Creek/Carefree. If you go to my blog, in the far upper right corner is a box. Type in chocolate festival and my post will come up if your interested.
    Isn’t it amazing how our bodies get used to those warmer temps?

    • Ya we saw it, our booth was right next to it actually. But this one is in the wild!! We will be there again for the chocolate, art festival in February.

  4. Was it named after Kit Carson? That cactus had quite a crown. Good friends and good path. Wonderful to see you having such a great back roads trip with hopefully many more!

  5. That would be the perfect life for me too. Ah well, at least I’m lucky enough to travel those roads through you and your blog! Love that crested saguaro, I too noticed that it looked like a face at the top! It looks like a skinny cactus-guy standing there with its arms up saying, “Here I am!” ;) Your friends look like such a wonderful family. Nothing better than sharing life’s adventures with good friends!

  6. Fantastic post, and what amazing views! We would be wanting to see the night sky through the observatory telescopes, too… and maybe get a chance to see some live sun images. *wags* – Gilligan from

  7. I’ve never seen a saquaro with a crested top. Fascinating!! How cool to have visited an observatory. I’m surprised the telescopes go so far down into the ground! And I never think of Arizona as having overcast skies. It’s amazing how much one can learn while blogging!

  8. What a day! The observatory looks so cool, with spectacular views. And what fun to meet up with friends. And you got a photo of the crested cactus, that really is something too!

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