Kohne Kollar review and giveaway — 20 Comments

  1. What a cool collar! I love the floral print as well. Of course, Torrey would look good in anything!! I can see where it would be a problem to see her collar underneath her fur! Thanks. Great Review!

  2. Collars never show up on my thick-coated corgis either. It’s a good thing in one way….I won’t start up an expensive fancy collar habit. Just don’t ask about my recent leash purchases ;-)

  3. I do love this!! Sheba is the same as Torrey, with her long fur you can hardly see her collar. This would look great on her, and the color would go great on Luke as well.

  4. How stylish! I like that there are big dog sizes too. I have German shepherds and they get left out a lot when it comes to fancy schmancy. I’m headed to the site now — thinking Christmas photos y’all!

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