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Konalu dog leash review — 19 Comments

  1. Great review and I did see them on indigogo and thought they looked great. Glad to hear from someone who actually tried it out. The best part I like about them are the colours.
    Hey Roxy…what did you think?

  2. Sounds like a great idea. Thanks for the review Mary. I will look into getting two of these for my doggies. One is so well behaved on the walks we take the other one……..ugh! like galloping a horse! thats why we use a harness still on her

  3. Sounds like this was invented by someone who actually walks dogs. I can see shortening the leash when walking at a crowded setting. And I love the easy way to tie a leash off to a chair leg. We usually do it by wrapping the leash around the leg and putting one end through the handle before reconnecting it.

    Awkward to say the least.

    Will definitely go check out their site. Thanks for the great review.

  4. Very nice! The handle detachment looks like a great feature to use to attach my dogs to the bike rack for a moment while I get my morning coffee at the convenience store.

  5. Thanks Mary and Roxy for the great review; we are so happy you find it as useful as we do! Thanks everyone for your responses and if you have any questions, please let us know.

  6. That is definitely one good review of a great product. Any dog owner would surely want to get their hands on those. I love the versatility of that leash. I would have to say that it is very well-thought and engineered and made with high-quality materials. I even love the color. Hope it comes in a wide variety of colors and designs though.

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