Kurgo dog seat cover giveaway — 36 Comments

  1. I would love the Kurgo Wander Dog Hammock. I have a seat cover for my car’s back seat but my labs hair seems to find a way underneath it as well as on the floor & the Hammock might prevent or at least limit this. I love to take her with me when I am traveling & this would be great. She loves being in the car!

  2. What a great giveaway! We’re in Canada so we’ll just cheer everyone else on! Definitely looks like a great product for your car!

  3. Wow! My husband would be BEYOND thrilled with these!! We have a Sheltie (as you know) who is all about FUR and SHEDDING!!

    My husband is the one who primarily transports him in his new car. He is forever dragging blankets back and forth. I think either the first one (bench seat cover) or the hammock cover would be great!!!

  4. sounds like a great product. I would like to see one with a an odor absorber for my stinky doggie. Right now we use an old horse blanket covering our seats. We also carry a lint brush. I think the cargo type is the one I would want.

  5. Oooooooh…I just got a new car that I have vowed to “protect better from muddy little weiner feet” so this would be great. I often carpool to trailheads with others so I would need the hammock so one person can still sit in the back seat. I would take the regular bench seat cover if that one is already spoken for though.

  6. I would like to win the Kurgo Wander Dog Hammock . It would keep my seats safe and keep my dogs from falling on the floor!

  7. I would like the Kurgo Wander Dog Hammock for my two Alaskan Malamute mixes.

  8. I would love the Kurgo Wander Dog Hammock, it might be able to keep the dog hair from getting on the back of the front seats and under all the seats.

  9. Would Love the Kurgo Wander Dog Hamock! I have two dogs that travel with me in the car all the time and they leave a ton of fur on the back seats!

  10. Hey Roxy,

    What an awesome giveaway buddy!!

    I think I’d like the hammock one if I was lucky enough to win! :)

    Hope you’re having a fun day :)

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  11. i love the kurgo wonder hammock, dont know if my dogs would like it, but i like it….

  12. My shaggy dog soooooo needs this…my beautiful car looks like the floor of a groomers. I’d take him on so many more rides if the covers were there to help with cleanup.

  13. Would love to win the Kurgo Wander Dog Hammock, we just got a new puppy who won’t be small for long. He needs the extra space! :)

  14. I would love the Kurgo Bench Seat Cover! Right now we use towels in the back seats for the dogs and they really don’t stay in place or keep the seats clean LOL Awesome giveaway!

  15. What a great giveaway. Sometimes i wonder if should spend less time pursuing them. It’s kinda addictive!

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