Landscapes large and small — 11 Comments

  1. THis is next for me. To capture landscape and to try to avoid (or try to use Photoshop to help) a washed out, too sunny of a landscape. You have mastered this so well, Mary! Have another adventurous day!

  2. Hello, Gorgeous landscapes. I love the moss on mini landscape . The snow covered mountains are just lovely. The lake reflection is beautiful. Well done! Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  3. Lovely as always. I’ve always loved images of lone bits of nature standing proudly on their own, so my favorite is the tree. Love the perspective too.

  4. Very cool. Loved the moss close up.

    It reminded me of a feature I’ve seen in Reader’s Digest where they posted an extreme close up and asked readers to figure out what it was a picture of.

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