Our Last Couple of Days in Wyoming — 12 Comments

  1. Hello, it is hard to leave this beautiful area. The moose images are awesome. I love your cute Torrey and Roxy. I also loved hearing all the bird sounds in your video.
    Great post. Have a happy day and new week ahead.

  2. I’ve loved all your photos during this years visit and am almost sad to see you moving on, but alas, those winter storms will only get stronger and bring more snow. Safe travels!

  3. MARY! Good morning and thank you for the cute factor here. I can smile as I enter into Monday’s workforce that sometimes feels like I’m on the WILD SIDE! What a darling chipmunk and your views are always so intimate and wonderful. Have a great day, and I LOVE THE SNOW!

  4. My mom loves chipmunks. We have them here, but right in our neighborhood we don’t have any. They are cute and we would love to chase them! The snow looks great and we are jealous of Torrey getting to play in it!

  5. Love all the photos. The one of Torrey running in the snow is one of my favorites, and I love Roxy standing by the river. Snow scenes have always been my favorites, I hope we get some good snowfalls this year.

  6. I love how your photos and videos bring nature right to me, Mary. Though I’m pretty sure it’s even better in real life!

    Thank you for those morning sounds. Beautiful!

  7. Wonderful photos, Mary. I heard the elk in your video clip. What a great experience that is to be out there, hearing all those bird sounds and then the elk bugling. Great post.

  8. Idyllic. That is the word it all makes me think of. Torrey looks so happy in the snow! I’m sure that’s how our crew will be when we get our first, though I’ll be far less thrilled about it!

  9. Oh my gosh, so beautiful. I wish I was there! We’re having 2 “cool” days and then it’s supposed to turn HOT again. Ugh 90s and 100s. Torrey looks so happy romping. Rita is really jealous. And Roxy looks adorable in that last shot.

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