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  1. Ah Mary, FUN FUN FUN. I will never forget the day back in the fall, when I went to Minnehaha Falls, just outside of the metro area. It’s gorgeous. And it’s there where I decided I’d play with my shutter speed. I was stoked. I came home literally feeling elated over the new skill I attempted. You did a great job here, and yes, we are young because we never ever stop learning.

  2. That last photo is stunning. Never heard of panning but it is an interesting idea to test out. We are sad the pet photography challenge died. Oh well, we will just keep playing around on our own!

    • You could do some fun panning shots with dogs. Ya, the pet photography challenge was certainly not very organized. You can still join the Dogwood52, people join all the time.

  3. Hello, Torrey looks like she was enjoying the photo shoot. She is a beautiful dog. Love all the photos and the last scene is gorgeous! Have a happy day and week ahead!

  4. Great photos, and it appears that Torrey is as adaptable as you are – she enjoys herself equally in the desert and on a grassy lawn! :)

  5. Oh, that panning sounds really difficult to get right! You got some great photos and I think Torrey stands out so well against that green background. We might have to give this a try, once things are dried out in our yard!

  6. I loved the effect you got with Torrey’s fur on some of those side shots. It reminded me of hair in the water waving back and forth. Amazing you were able to capture that motion in the air.

  7. I love the panning photos! I used to do that lots and lots with Shyla but I’ve gotten away from it. I taught her a “cue” that meant “if you run past me, you’ll get a jackpot of treats”, and then I could pan on her motion. I ought to try it again.

    Your sunset shot was beautiful!

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