Life imitates art, imitates life — 16 Comments

  1. What a wonderful treat to see Al’s sculpture and your photo captures of nature! Thank you so much for sharing, Mary! :)

    • Your comment came on an interesting day. We are just talking about allowing people to make payments on sculptures to make the art available to more people. In general, what would you think of that idea?

      • I think that might encourage more people to buy a piece knowing that they don’t have to make a larger outlay all at once. As long as you can be sure they’ll keep up their payments! ;)

  2. Those sculptures are wonderful, they really capture the personality of the birds.

    We have crows/ravens (I’m not sure which) around our house. The dang things are as big as chickens and very noisy. :-) I think I like the sculpture crows better. LOL

  3. Al’s sculptures are so amazing and life-like. I love how you put that one up in the sky…what a great idea.
    I also think you captured the theme for the Dogwood52 Challenge perfectly.

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