Little Ducky Duddle — 24 Comments

  1. I love watching ducks play in the water in the lake where I take my walks. I get a real laugh – every single year – at seeing geese walking on the frozen lake in long straight lines. It’s especially funny when they hit a thin spot and fall into the water, then they just float there like they discovered something fabulous. “Look what I found!” LOL They crack me up.

  2. Although I didn’t see any moose during my multiple visits to Schwabacher Landing, I was always entertained by the numerous ducks and chicks and mesmerized by the scenic beauty. Cute shots of a cute duck!

  3. Oh. My. Dog! I can’t stop laughing!! When we first started taking our Ducky to daycare, the owner called her “Little Ducky DOODLE”, not “Duddle”. I never heard the rhyme either, but I bet the daycare owner had. LOL. Anyway, from that we expanded her name to “Ducky Doodle Demon Dog”. She’s back to just Ducky now that she’s an adult; but I still call her “monster”, “brat”, and “demonbrat”. Lovingly of course.

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