It’s been a long weekend — 29 Comments

  1. Dear Mary! I hope you and Al recover soon from this; it’s been going around everywhere, and so far both my husband and I are OK, but we have such a long winter to go. I hope we can escape this….so sorry to hear the art show wasn’t what you hoped for.

    OH THE MOON! Yes, I love it and always have. It calms me down – when I see it full in the early morning when I rise, it does speak to me. It reminds me that there is light even in the darkness of doubts, fear that the stress of day can bring, and when I think that this is the same moon that shone down on me and my mother… and my dad…I weep.

    Beautiful quote and yes, I am listening.

    BE WELL! Anita

  2. Hope you both feel better soon. I guess every show can’t be a winner, but with the extra circumstances, it only made it worse.

  3. Sorry you’ve been sick. Given the full moon, have you considered it’s the onset of lycanthropy?

  4. Sorry you both have been so sick. Hope you feel like your old selves ASAP! I love walking the dogs under a full moon and seeing our shadows. So cool!

  5. Oh how miserable! I’m so sorry you both got hit with such a nasty thing. I’m also sorry to hear the show wasn’t as good as you’d hoped. Why sounds like the perfect place to recuperate, just being there will have a positive effect on both of you. Feel better soon!

  6. sending well wishes to you both. Sounds like you may have picked up a bug. Drink some kefferr if you can. (For good replacement batieria in your guts) I would give your water tank and bottles a good flush with some bleach. Drink some tequila for faster results. That will detoxify your systems. When are you coming back?

  7. I hope you both are feeling better! I love a full moon, but around me there are too many street lights and wires to really be able to enjoy it the way you do.

  8. Good evening dearest Mary! Oh, if you ever wanted to make a book with your gorgeous photos, I’d love to add some words for you! Let me know! Anita

  9. I hope that you both heal with some R & R out in the desert. I’m so sorry that it was such a rough weekend.

  10. I sure hope you are both feeling better Mary…that is no fun at all. It’s really not fun when you don’t feel well to begin with and you go to a show that doesn’t do as well as you expected either.

  11. Yes, I do love the full moon, except for when it streams through our bedroom skylights when I’m trying to sleep! :) That is a beautiful photo and sentiment. I hope you and Al are both feeling better soon.

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