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  1. YOU are the queen of outdoor photography. I was out this weekend with friends and one of them lent me his polarized lens cap. It did make a difference in getting a bluer sky, but I suppose LIGHT ROOM(which I’m purchasing soon) helps too!


    • Lightroom will do the same thing as a polarizing filter. In fact I did some research on a filter, and decided against it, simply because I can get the same thing in LR without the fuss of a filter.

  2. Hello, gorgeous sky captures, I love the view of the Tetons. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  3. Beautiful photos. Some of my best nature photography was after rainstorms – all the colors seemed more pronounced. I’m looking forward to the Montana photos, that’s where I always wanted to live since I was a child. How did the show go for you?

  4. Mom was always told to not look up as that is what tourists always do. Nice photos, though, and a good idea for a fresh perspective.

  5. I was bummed the weather was so nasty on Sunday. I was looking forward to driving through Driggs and over Teton Pass. Glad to hear you sold a bronze making the show worth your while. Enjoy Montana!

  6. Mary! I am so glad I made reference to the polarizing filter so that you could advise me. THANK YOU! You are right! Why would I need that if LR can do the trick!!!! I am so grateful for your talents and correspondence. THANK YOU!

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  8. Mary, you are always reminding me to look up, and out, at the wonder and beauty of the world around me. thank you for the inspiration.

    Love the black and white — so very dramatic.

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