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  1. Love the heart rocks! My mom collected them for years and years. Then one day, she spread them in her rock garden (the Idaho garden). Your collection is pawsome.

    And we LOVE your photos lately… been looking at them on Facebook!


    • Thanks for liking the photos, it’s been pretty great here lately. Maybe someday I will have a place to spread my heart rocks in a garden.

  2. Oh how metaphoric this collection of hearts is, Mary! Like these rocks, human hearts come in all textures and sizes, depending on what life has tumbled them through. VERY metaphorical. And back to the city for ya? Yes, I am finding out too as I get older, that you just have to keep up the pace. There is no other way. Wishing you the best. Anita

    • Yes human hearts are very much like heart rocks. Hopefully though the people in our lives have softer, less knobbly hearts.

  3. I too have collected heart rocks for years, mostly since my daughters were little — I wrote a story for them about a girl with a heart of gold and a king with a heart of stone — and collecting heart rocks became my thing.

    I love the heart of heart rocks Al helped you create — those are some amazing rocks!

    To meet up with you in Sonoran, or anywhere, would be amazing! Happy trails to you to the big shitty! :) Love it!

  4. Your heart rocks rock! Get it? I couldn’t resist. I can see how you could get hooked on doing that. As a guy I couldn’t collect hearts. Not very macho. But maybe I can get my wife interested and kind of help her from the sidelines. Who’d know?

    We’ll be heading up Palm Canyon for four days this Saturday. It will be our first official boondock adventure other than one day at the Q a couple years ago. So looking forward to it and a bit nervous, too. Your posts from there have been a real treat to follow in preparing for the trip. Good luck with your art show and the trip North.

    • LOL…Thanks for that. You could collect heart rocks, I won’t tell. When you go up Palm canyon road, when you get about 2.5 miles look to your right and you will see the giant zen circle. There is lots of flat space there for camping, and it’s off the dirt road more. You are not quite to the actual KOFA at that point, but it doesn’t matter. From there, you can drive to palm canyon, or to the hike we did. That’s about 7 or 8 miles. Farther up the road flat camping spots are harder to find. The road is washboarded, so plan on driving slow. I’m jealous, I hope you have a great time.

      • Thanks for the tip on the Zen spot. I’ll give her a go if no one else is there when we arrive. We’ll be thinking of you guys.

  5. Not to sound corny, but it looks like the desert is giving you its heart in return for the love you’ve given it. Those heart rock are incredible, I’d be collecting them too. I hope your time in the city turns out better than you’re expecting and that the show is a good one for you.

  6. Those are so cool! What a wonderfully unique treasure to collect, and I bet you remember where each and every one came from, too.

  7. I <3 your heart rock collection! It makes me want to start a collection myself. But living in the "big shitty" :) like we do we don't come across too many free-range rocks. Good luck at the art show!

  8. These are so cool! I love the teal colored heart sitting on the larger one. I’m kind of wishing these were for sale on Etsy, but you can’t put a price on heart-shaped rocks collected from all over. Very cool collection!

  9. I love the heart rocks!!! The one that Al found is uniquely beautiful. Sorry about the big shitty but I do love your final quote!

  10. I have looked for heart-shaped rocks and know how hard they are to find – at least for me. So I am astounded to see the variety you have found!

    Sorry you have to leave the desert and go back to the city. Hope this weekend’s sale is a great one for you.

  11. I LOVE rocks! I have a nice “little” collection (John wouldn’t call it little) to display one day if we settle somewhere. I never thought about looking for heart shaped rocks. Now I have a new mission:) That latest heart find is beautiful. Great eyes, Al!

    Have a wonderful time at the art festival. I am not enjoying being in this rather over crowded area at all. Maybe we’ll venture up your way to check out the art show and meet up. You’ll love meeting Ingrid!! She is wonderful:)

  12. I love the photo of your heart rocks together. Leave it to you two artists to come up with that. :)
    It kind of amazes me how many you have actually found!

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