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Macro style — 33 Comments

  1. Nice! Mom has some macro lens things for her camera that she plays with and loves it too. She uses them a lot when she photographs food too.

    • My Samsung galaxy S4. My DSLR died, so until I can replace it with something else, this is all I have. I love it though. And I always have my phone with me, so it works out really good.

  2. That’s beautiful. Certainly encourages us to “stop and smell the roses”, and to stop and see what’s almost underfoot! Just beautiful.

  3. Those are such awesome photos!! I can’t believe you took them with your phone…I am still counting the days until I can get one!

  4. Whoa your pics need to win awards. Holy schmokes! Happy BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday blog hop!

  5. Those are gorgeous. I love how the world is reflected upside down by the droplets… and how you found beauty in something most people would just walk by without noticing.

  6. Very cool! I love the close up shots too, but my new camera is finnicky with the macro option. I think my old camera might do a better job with those types of shots.

  7. Those are really great pictures. I have tried a bit of macro photography but I really need a macro lens to do it correctly. Of course my pics won’t turn out as nice as yours. :)

  8. What? No dogs? :) My Mum has the macro setting on her proper camera that she never uses and I know she’s never taken a picture anywhere near as great as those! Your photos are awesome! :)

    Hope you’re having a fun day :)

    Your pal Snoopy :)

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