Merrick Backcountry dog food review — 13 Comments

  1. MARY! Torrey is the perfect POSTER CHILD for this dog food! That first photo especially is perfect for an ad! And the last one with both babies looking up…..SIGN THOSE TWO UP AND GIVE ‘EM A CONTRACT! Oh they are cute. Enjoying your week of wonder? Anita

  2. That food looks super yummy! Thanks for a great review and the information. And the pics of Torrey are fabulous. STAR!


  3. That last photo of Torrey is gorgeous! I like your idea of using the dried meat pieces for training treats.

  4. We tried this food and the dogs loved it as well. I think it’s a great compromise for those that might like to feed raw, but don’t want to do the work (that would be me – LOL). We’ve had great experiences with all the Merrick food we’ve tried. I love how their canned foods look like real food!

  5. Great review and looks lke the food was a hit! We just started feeding Fromm grain free kibble, but I mix in homemade “soup” or if we’re out of soup, a bit of organic canned food. Will look for the Merrick brand next time we need some canned goodies.

  6. Besides nutrition, I’ve also been researching foods available for delivery from I figure if anyone can ship us food to coastal post offices and marinas, it’s them.

    I’m assuming you’re able to buy Torrey and Roxy’s food at pet stores on the road? Or do you have it delivered to general delivery periodically?

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