Migratory Birds in Arizona — 6 Comments

  1. Absolutely fantastic photographs. If it wasn’t such a long drive for me, I’d be over there hanging out with the birds regularly. Maybe I’ll try heading over there this week sometime!

  2. Oh my gosh, what wonderful shots and what a fun story!! The Vermilion flycatcher is gorgeous, that’s something I have never seen and would love to.

  3. Lovely photographs, The flycatcher is gorgeous!
    That snowy egret episode was a fun read. I wonder how birds establish hierarchy, is it just size or is their an inherent order of who listens to who.

  4. Hello, your bird photos are all awesome. I love the pretty flycatcher and the owl was a great sighting. Enjoy your day, have a happy week ahead.

  5. I am totally wowed by the color of the Vermillion Flycatchers. You were so lucky to see them. Did you know that the Rufus hummers fly all the way to ALASKA to breed? Then, they make it back to Colorado on their southward migration by July. Their migrations are insane!

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