A misty, moisty, morning — 20 Comments

  1. We’ve got rain here right now too. We’ve also had a few of those foggy, chilly mornings, and I’m afraid the summer we haven’t really had is on it’s way out already (though we are expecting more sun for the weekend).

  2. Mom, Bailie, and I are laughing about your comment – sadly going to Utah. After our road trip to Vegas, Utah is the last place we want to see again. It was pretty for about an hour and then it was so boring and the worst scary weather, all alone on the highway, not a place we want to see again. Hope your experiences are better!

  3. Wish we could send you some of our sun! We have more than we know what to do with! You send us back some rain and everyone will be happy! :) Gorgeous pics!

  4. Sometimes I forget that you changed your blog name. I was looking in my reader and thought, “hey, she has a dog named Roxy too”. Ha, ha.

    I think we drove past the Bridger Rendezvous sign while we were on our road trip to Jackson.

  5. Just when I think your pictures can’t get any more beautiful, they always do. Those flowers are amazing and the mountain reflection is incredible. Sorry you can’t stay in this spectacular place like you planned, but I hope that at least the show went well!

  6. I just love Wyoming! So much beauty all around! We did not make it to Utah but I hear it I’d beautiful there too. Those flowers are GORGEOUS…what an amazing color! Hoping for NO RAIN! Also hope the show goes well!

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