Mixed Media Photography Art — 23 Comments

  1. Oh Mary, even photography can be transformed into another dimension, and you’ve done it well! I still have a long way to go as far as my photography, but you inspire me to go beyond. All of your nature shots (THOSE HORSES!) just burst with beauty.

  2. I love it, it is like wandering through times :o) I must laugh as I read about the warm feed fattens hogs quickly… think I make a cold gazpacho soup today… just in case LOL

  3. What interesting new directions you’re taking your work in!
    (I also laughed at the warm feed fattening hogs :-) )
    Particularly like the horses and the tetons collage.

  4. Hello, The collages do love wonderful. The horses is one of my favorite. I also like the road less traveled. Great work! Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  5. I really enjoyed the collage effect. “I’ll Take The Road Less Traveled” one is my favorite. How about the same idea but with pictures of old RV’s! That would fit many fulltimers a little better:) Someday I hope to be in an area where you are showing your work so I can finally see it in person:) Beautiful new creations:)

    • I have that very idea and I’m on the hunt for some to photograph or use. Have you checked our show schedule on the art show page? We may very well cross paths this year. We will be in Wyoming and Montana.

      • Mary, I just checked your schedule and I’m sorry we won’t be crossing paths:( We will be in Buffalo, Wyoming from June 6 to July 6. We are then working our east. We won’t be heading west again til January. I’ll be watching for the redo with RV photos:) Keep up the great work!

  6. I’m always impressed with your vision and creativity. Nicely done. I just ck’d your art show schedule. Will you be visiting Sun Valley?

    • We sadly decided not to the Sun Valley show this year. They didn’t have a good space for us, so we decided to pass this year. We’ll have to catch up in Jackson instead.

  7. The inventor of Mod Podge should have won the Nobel prize. I did some projects years ago that look just as good today. Some of my more complicated finishes have faded or yellowed.

    These are so lovely. Will you be doing special orders?

    • Modge podge is the do all, be all isn’t it. I hadn’t thought of special orders, but what a fun idea. I’ll have to do that.

  8. Very cool! Retro is such a big thing these days that I can see these being a great success for you. I think people will love them. I like the look the wax gives, but then again it does take away from the beautiful clarity of your photos, and the modge podge doesn’t do that (plus who wants to work with toxic materials?).

  9. I AM YOUR FAN! Yes! And those horses, goodness, they just tug at my heart. Their profiles, their elegance, and you capture it all so well. XOXOX

  10. It’s really interesting to notice how the mood of a photograph can changes or be enhanced when mixed with other medias or items as you have done in these pieces of art. They are delightful, composite art work.

  11. Using the different media transforms your photos to a whole new level! NICE!
    I lost you on my reader! WordPress does that sometime. I got you back now! YAHOO!
    I have to tell you… my Mom bought us sooo much from the Montgomery Ward Catalog all the time!

  12. Your creativity and artistic eye never cease to amaze me. I love the way you have laid these collages out and brought in other things such as postcards and pages. I love them!

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