Mixed Media Photography — 19 Comments

  1. Mary, you have an AWESOME job. And that lens; now there’s a lens I want one day. Bravo my friend. You have found your niche and we get to go along with you on your journey!!!!!!

  2. beautiful!!! it looks as if I could touch the paw of the little chipmunk… your camera must be magic that your lens shows you all this special moments…

  3. Hello, I just love all the horse images and panel. I think it is awesome you are working on something you love doing! Good luck with your December show. Have a great day and new week ahead!

  4. Amazing and if those items don’t sell like hotcakes, people are really nuts! Just gorgeous! Such awesome photos and then so creatively displayed. I like the chipmunks the best, but Mom says the horses are the best.

  5. Absolutely LOVE it! Your photos are gorgeous and even better with the mixed media collections! Will you be listing your collections for sale online?

    • I probably won’t list any of these on line, shipping would be tough plus we need all our inventory for art shows. I do have some custom framed prints on a special sale on my website, and of course all the prints that can be ordered. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I honestly LOVE what you’re doing with these photos, I can’t imagine the general public not considering them “must haves”. What a fabulous team you and Al are. Now I absolutely MUST move into my dream cabin or cottage so I can put your artwork up! Also, you have a really rough commute to work… ;) I love how that white horse is looking at you like, “What’s going on over there??” LOL!

  7. Nope, that is not a bad job at all – it’s fun to see the photographer at work! Every piece is absolutely gorgeous, and I imagine they look even more so in person. Good luck with the show, but I don’t think you need it!

  8. Mary, these are absolutely STUNNING!!!

    I wish it was easier to ship to Canada — and that I didn’t already have walls filled with my art! These are gorgeous!!!!

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