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Monday assortment — 41 Comments

  1. Oh Roxy you look super cute in that lovely bag, you must be really small, you can never tell the pup sizes on the blog.. Wish Mollie could fit in a bag :) xx00xxx

  2. Oh my, how cute you look in your very own tote bag. What a clever Mom you’ve got. I think I’d fall over sideways if I were to try and carry Litchi in a bag over my shoulder :D

  3. Welcome to your new home for a week! That bag looks like a neat idea for small dogs. I doubt with my 38 lbs it would be practical and then I would jump out every time I saw something interesting but for you, it looks great!

  4. Roxy! You look wonderful in the bag. Your mom and dad will get stopped often when folks see your cute face peeking out. I’m glad your mom mentioned her Desert Raven Art blog because I don’t follow but would like to. Heading over to check it out and get it added to my Feedly

  5. I hope you have fun at the dog park. Reggie and Ollie have never been to one of those. We tried to teach them how to fetch yesterday. Well they wouldn’t fetch at all. They would run and pick up the things we threw then start playing with each other. Its raining here this morning. Muddy paws will be great in the car this morning on our way to the vets! Good thing for the seat protectors. Ten dollars at WallMart. (TV section) Don.t wash or dry in machine though or you will be replacing them soon. Hose them off and line dry only. Bye for now till we see you. Aunt Mary

  6. Super cute bag. Did you use leather as trim? I hate making bags, but my mom does them really well. I’ll bet she could carry her little Honey around in one. Hm.

  7. Boy, I’d love it if my mom could carry me around in such a cool tote…too bad I weigh 85lbs. Oh well, maybe my next life!

  8. Really? More snow?!? Where did spring go? Oh, well. At least you can travel around in a nice tote when you don’t want to walk around in the cold snow.

  9. Roxy, you look adorable in your new cozy bag!

    I’ve made beach bags before, but never tried to sew leather. It looks great! If only Rita didn’t weigh 40+lbs!

  10. Saw your finished tote on FB Roxy…with all the hassles finding the proper hardware I’m not surprised yours will be one of a kind…Hard for me to believe you’re having more snow…We’re already in to Summer weather … Best thing you said was that you “moved the house” Momz loves that line ( and she’s a little jealous cause she’d like to be able to move our house too)…You might meet some new doggie pals at the dog park

  11. That bag is super cool, and looks even cooler with you in it Roxy! Your Mom should sell them – we saw some in a shop the other day and they were quite expensive…. It’s cool your Mom is so talented!

    I have a feeling if I was any smaller my Mum would have me in a bag!

    Wags to all

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  12. Yeah Roxy, I’m not too keen on walking myself. But getting carried around in a bag is WAY COOL! And Torrey looks lovely as usual!

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