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Monday Mischief — 17 Comments

  1. Torrey, I’m also a great big fans of cows, especially bumble cows with black and white stripes. We get a bit nervous when a hiking trail takes us right through a cow pasture…

  2. I’m sure Torrey has herding instinct. It’s in her bloodlines for sure. Reggie and Ollie like to herd our goat and chase them to. They would chase the cows next door if they got through the fence. . If a dog didn’t bark it would be useless in our neck of the woods.. We are grateful for our canine pets

  3. Hey Roxy, Hey Torrey, Jet here. Hi Miss Mary.

    How funny to see cows right there. Yup, Torrey has herding genes for sure… I do too… maybe we both need a week with a bunch of sheep!

  4. Go Torrey! I bet you could herd those cows. And you might have to because that fence looks like a plain old backyard fence. Since dogs escape from backyards all of the time, I bet cows could too!

  5. Oh Torrey….I bet you could herd those cows without a doubt!!!! We just wanted to say we really like your name too! Our human sis’ name is Torrie – spelled different but sounds the same! How cool is that!

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