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Monday Mischief — 11 Comments

  1. Roxy I need your advise about harnesses to walk my pup Olly>It took Mike and I a half hour to fiqure out how to put on this nylon harness my friend gave us. Well once we succeeded with this ordeal (it was like trying to put it on a colt) we took Olly for a walk up on our mountain and she did great. Lots better than hooking it onto her collar. She checked back and walk so well for us. WE got home and I took off the leash and within minutes she chewed up the harness!!! Do you have some suguestions for us like an easier harness. I have heard there are vests that you put on that are better. Also she is still growing so we don’t want to spend a lot and not have much use of it. Her gas went away when we stopped the pain meds from her being spayed. I noticed she started having this problem when she came home from the vets while driving her home in the car. OMG!

  2. Hey Roxy, Hey Torrey, Jet here.
    Oh you two need a big dose of mischief alright… couldn’t get into the baking? mess up the beads, try to help sculpt? Really?

  3. Hi Y’all,

    Just hopped over to catch up with your happenings and say hello! Have fun this week and try to avoid gettin’ into mischief!

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  4. Hey Roxy,

    You guys did great with those new toys – perfect for a rainy weekend!! Gotta say I’m very impressed with the Snoopy toy!! :) I’ve got lots of them and they all look different…..

    Better luck with the Mischief next week buddy – Tee Hee

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  5. You sure do have a zoo at your house! You’re so lucky – I had a giraffe when I was a baby, but as usual I ripped it to pieces, so I can’t have another one. :( Enjoy yours enough for both of us! :)

  6. All those new toys….just waiting to be chewed. Now that sounds like a great weekend. Roxy you look so cute with your Snoopy! We all have our favorite toys over here too. Usually it ends up one of us……hogging them all…..*cough* Luna. Anyways, we hope you enjoy those toys and maybe next weekend there will be more action.
    Happy Monday!!

    ~Weinerful Life~

  7. I think it’s ok to have a boring weekend once in awhile, especially if it means you get to play with new toys!

  8. Great toys! The Snoopy is cute (and so is the one that hosts the blog). We tried the indestructible toys with Freighter. Not so indestructible to him…lol.

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