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Monday Mischief on mom today — 37 Comments

  1. Oh boy! My mom would do something like that. She gets all brave and full of great ideas and then spends forever trying to repair the damage! Hope you find all your readers again!

  2. We got our email this morning! Mom is scared of losing the Reading List too. And I’ll be so lost without my furiends! Everyone we follow is in our Reading List!

  3. Oh, Roxy…we heard that Google Reader was gonna shut down too and we are nervous because that is what we use! Was it easy to transfer all the blogs you read to Feedly?!? Please let us know (as my Ma is quite helpless when it comes to these things)!
    *Cairn cuddles* and a quick thanks!

    • It couldn’t have been easier. Feedly is on the ball and will import all your stuff automatically. Just sign up for feedly, I just put it on my chrome homepage, then it gets all your feeds for you.

  4. Yes, there was quite the uproar about losing Google reader lately! I didn’t use it, but I’m sure anyone who did will be easily swayed by those faces.

  5. Woof! Woof! What’s up with Google. Such being unfriendly. We were upset when they did not allow WP for the Google Friend Connect. Now the Reader then What’s next Feedburner??? We love Feedly. Mom use it on her iPad. She just starting using it on her MAC using Firefox. Mmmmmm we use Feedburner. Hopefully there’s an easy fix too. Many does not like to subscribe but they just add the blog url on their reader (but there’s no way how to track it). What plugin did you use? Lots of Golden Thanks and we think its not your mom’s mischief … its google. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  6. You can get all your email subscriber info from feedburner, just do that before you do anything. We have the Subscribe2 plugin and you can put all the email address’s into it. The jetpack plugin has a subscribe, but you have no control on adding email addresse’s. As for RSS, you’re kinda out in the cold on that one. There is no way to export that info, and nothing to add it to if you could. I found a plugin called simple feed stats that is supposed to track subscribers to your regular native feed. I’m not convinced it works though.

  7. I hear BlogLovin’ is a good substitute for Google Reader. I haven’t made any changes to my stuff yet. Going to wait until it actually happens to make any changes. Roxy you are too cute in your begging photos! :)

  8. I have no idea how my readers find me and truthfully I have to rely on the reader as I follow so many blogs, I can’t subscribe by e-mail to them all.:-(

  9. We signed up and got you in our email this a.m. I get all my blogs that I follow in my email, so hopefully this google news is not going to effect me… but I’m not sure what it will mean for readers/followers on my blog. Ugh. This stuff confoooses me!

  10. Oh Roxy how horrible for your Mom! I’ll tell ya, computers just don’t want you to ever get too comfortable with any single format! Good luck re-collecting everybody! (And I love you B&W sleeping picture!)

  11. I used google reader for many blogger blogs that I read and some others. Luckily I could import them to my wordpress reader so I won’t loose them. However, I am not thrilled with the way the wordpress reader works so I am really going to have to figure things out…lol.

  12. Oh no I hope google reader doesn’t shutdown! Thats how we get our information too! Why do all these great things that are supposedly longterm have to close down. My mom isn’t as smart as you Roxy! We will be adding you again not to worry little pups!

  13. It really is pretty easy to screw up an entire blog with just a few taps of the finger! Glad you got it all worked out!

  14. Oh no, don’t you just hate it when technical mischief happens! I don’t want to be without you so I’ll sign up again :)

    Hope you’re having a fun day :)

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  15. That is such a bummer. I still use your RSS feed and probably will until it stops working. By then both of us might have figured out something else that works the same.

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