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Monday Mischief-Wiped out!! — 17 Comments

  1. I’m pooped to.spent the whole weekend loading a daughters stuff into a storage unit. Borrowed a trailer so that helped.. Wish I could just take some time and work on my art but something always pops up as a priority, WE got to go see our 3 year old grandson Gabriel that got adopted by a wonderful family and we get to see him. Grandchildren helped with the moving and stayed over. Have one daughter and her child moved in temporary. Life is temporary and we try to help out but I’m afraid I’m getting wore out. Happy tails to you

  2. Oh neat, now you have rolling advertisement!

    Hey, sometimes you need to sleep in ;)

  3. Always a dream can’t implement. Here is a nice picture of puppy. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hey Roxy, Hey Torrey, Jet here. Hi Miss Mary.

    Too tired for Mischief, wow, that must have been some play time! I have faith you both will come up with something good for next week.

    PS… Miss Mary, way to go on the sign!
    BTW… we gave you an award last thursday!

  5. Hey Roxy,

    I find if you make the effort and get up they leave you alone, then you can sneak off and continue your dream in peace!! Tee Hee

    We’re gonna look out for you on the road – how awesome if we see you!! :)

    Have fun,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  6. I love what your mom did with the back of your trailer! If we see you guys we’ll definitely honk, and you’ll probably see me waving to you from the back seat! :D

  7. love the back of your trailer!!! Will I get to see that at BlogPaws? Too cool!!!

    Hey!! Will I FINALLY get to meet Roxy and Torrey??? OMG I would love it!

    Hope Roxy was able to take a good nap!

  8. I’m pooped to Roxy and I didn’t even do anything this weekend!

    I love the back of the trailer! Maybe one day we will see you traveling along and honk! That would great!

  9. We got pretty pooped this weekend too. Thankfully, mom is pretty tired as well so we get to sleep all day today. We will be sure to honk if we see you on the road. Coming through Lawrence, KS anytime soon?

  10. I love those lazy kind of days. We did that most of this past weekend!

    I like the back of your trailer! I think I might have to do the same to my car. I’ll definitely say hello if we see you!

    Happy Monday!

  11. Way to go Roxy! Now that’s advertising. What a great present from your mama. Now we need to get our mama on that boat. LOLOL Lazy weekend sounds nice right about now. :0) Happy Monday, Our friend!
    ~Weinerful Gang~

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