Montana’s Best Ghost Towns-Virginia City and Nevada City — 4 Comments

  1. Could look at this all day long! What a cool historical place. That little girl is a little Mary Hone back in time if you were back in time. Love all the real deals This isn’t Disneyland. Thank God! Great photos . Got to go there. You should be their travel agent and be paid for thier adveritizements. Then again your so good at it it ; might get flooded with too many people and ruin it all. Keep it simple sort of speak ; like simpler tmes. Love ot Love it!!!

  2. I can image it was fun to visit both towns. I will have to think about that next time I go to Montana – but who knows when, these days… You captured some excellent photos feeling as if taken back in the time. Of course, the sepia-like toning adds to that feeling.

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