Moose in the Snow — 12 Comments

  1. Spectacular! I’m glad that you got that second day without the snowflakes to confuse your camera (I’ve run into that frustration too!). Those moose are incredible… and getting to see those males interact and even rattle antlers must have been so cool!

    • The snow was hard! Since we generally avoid the snow, I never have that problem. My photographer friend that lives in Jackson says he uses group focus, instead of single point. Says that helps some, but not a fix all. You must come to Jackson next year!

  2. Some of the shots look like the moose were dusted with powdered sugar! Love that “smiling” moose. Hopefully all the snow coming already means we will have a long snowy winter here this year.

    • Lol…A lot of sugar. They didn’t seem to mind though. It’s been a really early winter there, so maybe it will travel your way.

  3. Hello, these are awesome shots of the snowy moose. It is cool to watch the two together, what a cool experience. The one sent you off with a great grin and farewell till next year. Wonderful post and fantastic photos. Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  4. Amazing photos – absolutely stunning!! I’m so glad you were able to capture the snowy moose in their natural habitat! I love taking pix of my girls playing in the snow. Unfortunately, we don’t get much of the white stuff down here; and what little bit we do get rarely lasts even 12 hours, let alone 24 hours.

    It’s getting harder to leave? Maybe it’s time to set up permanent residence then?

    • We would love to set up residence there, but it’s impossibly expensive. At least in the Jackson area. We have been looking in the surrounding area for a couple years though. Someday, it’s going to happen.

  5. You may have felt it was a hard shoot -but wow!!! You captivated me with every photo. Love that grin! And your capacity to capture nature in all its magnificence and all the creatures who make it so incredibly beautiful.

    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

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