Moose, Ravens, and a Crazy Sky — 10 Comments

  1. What an amazing summer you are having.. your blog and photos are fabulous.. What coats those moose have!!.. Thanks!~..

  2. I love your invitation to “Tell me what you think”…

    I think you are amazing. Your photography is incredible and the passion and courage with which you live life is inspiring!

    And those raven shots… wow!

  3. Well…you are the queen of raven photos! I love the moose images, as I have never seen more than maybe one, and it was a long time ago!! Keep the blog photos coming!

  4. Love the colors in the ravens. And of course the moose. But the horses with the mountains, well. That’s my favorite. I know how wonderful it feels when you capture something you’d been looking for for years. I usually squeal.

  5. A strange year indeed. Strange unknown personal challenges we have all had to adjust to Then we have strange weather, which in turn created strange seasonal patterns. Some say none of these are related but I am not so sure. A new norm they suggested ??

  6. Beautiful photos all of them! Those moose look in great condition & their coats are so shiny! Love the horses. Always makes for a great photo op!

  7. Mary dear, every photo is a time travel into a time and space yet discovered for me. Thank you for sharing your world that I long to see for myself. That raven, the detail you can capture and of course, the moose and horses. Dear to my heart!

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