More beauty in Idaho — 19 Comments

  1. Reggie killed a baby robin that was learning to fly. We have seen two rabbits in our yard now. We hope they are both girls. We heard there are rabbits all over from people letting them go or they escape. Our four baby swallows in the carport are 40th generation nesters. Well the other day the whole nest gave way and smack down on the cement driveway! Not good. The parents survived because they were not in the nest. in one week they have built another nest and will give it a try again. I hope this nest will be stronger. Our garden is doing good. Pickled beets will be made this week and we harvested the kale and made kale chips which are delicious. the best thing this year is hardly any flies just mesquitos. Well good luck at the art show.

  2. What a gorgeous place! I love the photos of the valley. I could sit and relax for days there. I hope your next spot is just as beautiful!

  3. Wow! Gorgeous country and wonderful photos of your beautiful fur persons ~ love the 4 legged two ~ thanks, ^_^

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

    PS ~ Happy Anniversary ~ you make a beautiful couple ~ many more of them ~ xoxo

  4. Haha! Poor bird – he does look grumpy! Lots of fledglings out of the nest these days – we’re making sure our one cat doesn’t escape for that very reason – he’s a great hunter, which is good for him, but bad for birds. I don’t mind so much if he gets the odd mouse, but I’d be less pleased with a bird.

  5. Loved to hear about your experiences in Idaho. I would like to see more of it. Just made a short trip through from Yellowstone back to California. Also liked the photos especially the first one of the doggie amongst the Indian paintbrush. A real dog portrait!

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