More moose on the loose — 28 Comments

  1. Mom and I just think it is so awesome to have these moose pics…what it must be like to see them in their own element! Super awesome!

  2. Paws -atively the best! I bet you and Torrey are terrified of Mrs Moose. I heard they can jump and kick on you till there is nothing left” but fur. The Buffalo don’t look so cuddly either. Stay in the trailer home when they are around little miss Roxy. hugs and see you soon.

  3. Last art show of the summer already? Summer went by so fast!

    Thanks for the moose pictures. Moose always brighten my day!

  4. What beautiful pics! :)
    Btw, we have a contest going on – make sure you check out yesterday’s post for some yum-yums!

  5. I wonder what Daisy would think if she saw a moose! I love them but I wonder if she’d be scared or just think they are weird looking giant dogs with things on their head! LOL

  6. Cool to see the babies. Maybe your Mom will have more time to blog now that the summer art season is over so she doesn’t miss any days :)

  7. Wow, I love your moose! It makes me wonder where you are!!!!! We are starting to have moose in our area. They were released more than a decade ago on the other side of the Divide but they’re migrating into our area. Maybe I can have photos like yours someday!

    • We are just outside Jackson Hole. We stay the summer in a campground here along the Gros ventre river. It’s a great place. Lots of moose, buffalo and deer. Hopefully you will get moose soon.

  8. That’s too cool that you had moose so close by- glad you were safe inside the trailer though! What an adventure :)

    Woofs & wags from Bear & Scooter

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