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  1. What another great way to start my morning. Finals and other stresses are making me and my husband just ACHE to get away in a few weeks and I can’t wait to explore, like you and Al do! The things you find, Mary…..THOSE HEART ROCKS! And wild burros? TAKE ME NOW!!!!!!!! Oh, the blue skies you capture are magnificent. Mary, thank you.

    Enjoy another fine and quiet day. Anita

  2. Wow, a beautiful post. The scenery, pictographs and the wild burros are all just beautiful. Awesome photos. Enjoy your day!

  3. Wow another swell adventure. Truley remarkable! To bad you couldn’t go back in time and meet the artist who left the images on the panel. I’m sute it was an important message they left behind. How did they get it so high. The heart teasures were waiting for you to. The desert poured you out a blessing I would say. Loved tje pic and saying about the path and trail. Print those up as cards.

  4. Suoer pictographs! I would love to see the large one in person. Looks like the weather held for you. You most definitely chose the right location in the state. We saw several areas of the lattice work in the rocks while hiking the Upper Muley Twist, but they were all in the shadow so the photos weren’t the best. It was still such a cool feature to see. Neat heart rocks:) And gorgeous sunset!

  5. I feel like I say the same thing every time. What beautiful pictures. :-)

    I wish someone knew what that pictograph was trying to tell us. :-)

  6. I’m digging those blue skies against the sandstone, this increases my anticipation of my trip out west.

  7. the skeletal rock weathering is fascinating and rather creepy! yes, i totally think ancient cultures encountered alien lifeforms. the depiction of the centaur is amazing!

  8. Fantastic rock formations – love the heart high up in the rocks in particular. the photo below that is reminiscent of an Omani Wadi. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Incredible beauty!!!! It looks like the Head of Sinbad is a very worthwhile place to visit. We saw wild burros too… and it looked like there was one baby although it was hard to see that well.

    Stupendous photos!

  10. loved seeing the rock art and heart
    and the landscape image of the boob is so very beautiful
    wishing you lovely wanderings

  11. What a fascinating life you lead. Thanks for stopping by my blog and Liking The Stuff of Broken Dreams. Hope you’ll meander by again sometime. Love your photos and your rambling — a rambling life :) Especially like the heart rocks — which my daughter also collects.
    We’ve not camped in many years — but every time it rains on my umbrella, I hear the raindrops on our tent roof in my head.
    Lovely to meet you here over my afternoon cup of coffee!

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