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Mountain goats in the black hills — 39 Comments

  1. My mom is a goat lover and loves these photos…much better than those stuffy stone headed folks on the mountain where it is not dog friendly!

  2. Goats are very smart. Almost as smart as dogs. Our goat is a Shannon/alpine milk goat which originated from Swiss Alps. Lucy is her name and she loves horses. She head buts dogs if they chase her. She loves people also and follows us around in the pasture with our horse Sugar. They are buddies.

  3. Those mountain goats are adorable! Do you think they’re grey because they’re young and need more camouflage?

  4. Very sweet. I would rather see baby goats than a monument any day.

    P.S. I’m a bit confused by your comment. Don’t you guys live in a sort of desert area? A lot of your pics look hot and dry. ???

  5. I drove “by” Mount Rushmmore once. I was driving back to Washington from Arkansas with some friends, we were on a time-crunch and it would have been about 45 minutes out of our way. We didn’t take a detour. Sounds like we may have made the right choice. I probably would have been a little “that is all there is?” too. I would have found the goats way more exciting :)

  6. WOW those are gorgeous! Happy BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday from FidoseofReality.com!

  7. OMG, they’re so cute! Don’t you just want to keep one in your back yard for petting? Probably not smart but all that fuzz makes me want to cuddle it!

    Jules of Canines & Couture

  8. I love mountain goats. Thanks for sharing your photos!

    I’m so sorry that you can’t go in Nat Parks right now. What a sad thing.

  9. SO jealous! Literally one of the only creatures I have never seen in the wild is a mountain goat. Among animals I want to see, that is. I have never seen a bear either but I plan to keep it that way. And I agree about Mount Rushmore. My memory is 100% unimpressed.

  10. I’d much rather see those goats than some man-made monument. Too bad you didn’t get to go meet them though…I’m sure you would have been nice. :)

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