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Mountain man rendezvous, fun times — 31 Comments

  1. We think it would be really fun to see but we wouldn’t want to be participating. There are some clubs around here at our Fort Snelling that do war reenactments where they all go back in time, those are interesting too.

  2. Very cool! I love the buckskin clothing. The Rendezvous reminds me of the Civil War reenactments that are so popular in my area.

  3. That sounds like a total blast! What a fun thing to do! I used to love playing with slingshots too ;) great post and thanks for explaining it ;)

  4. So interesting! I\’ve been to Civil War re-enactments and a Renaissance Fair but never a rendezvous. I need to go to one because Fulton County, just south of us, has a big rendezvous site. Where does the term booshway come from? Holy cow! You get your name by something you do at rendezvous? How did Hatchet Ass get his name!?!

    • You would like it I’m sure, such wonderful, and colorful people. I think the term booshway is french. Not sure. Hatchet Ass actually got his name from his mom when he was a baby because he had no butt. He kinda gave himself the name when he started going to rendezvous.

  5. These are great times! Good to know our history. Roxy and Torrey FYI: Reggie and Ollie were fighting this morning and Ollie has a bloody toe. What should I put on it? Should I just let her lick it? We are packing up the trailer today. See you soon. Aunt Mary

  6. I am SO JEALOUS. This looks like great fun. I do think it’s funny that these events revolve around a period in history which was so brief. And I LOVE the slingshot idea! Brilliant.

    • It’s true, the fur trade era was a short period of time. I guess it’s no different than the civil war guys. You need to go to a rendezvous, I know you would love it.

  7. Hi Roxy
    That looks so interesting. Love the old fashioned costumes. You asked about the mini-me’s? The cost of the mini-me’s are £13 pounds each plus postage or £15 pounds for a Greyhouds. If you would like to email us (email on our sidebar) we can have a chat about one.

  8. Sounds like a lot of fun! I like primitive camping and wouldn’t mind learning a little archery or knife throwing. I think my dad may have been part of a rendezvous or some other group at one time. I know he has a buckskin clothing and an old fashioned muzzle loading rifle.

  9. Foxy-Roxy (is that your mountain dog name too? It should be!) I love this post. I had no idea what a rendezvous was until you explained it and it looks like a TON of fun! I bet everyone had a great time…I think “ruffing it” for a few days is kinda fun (hence my camping trips).
    *high paws, my girl*

  10. What a great time Roxy and so interesting…Thanks for explaining some of the activities…You’ve inspired Momz now…she knows there’s some rendezvous around here and she’s promised to find one and take me along

  11. Wow – that looks very cool! Love all the competition shots. And the naming ceremony sounds like fun. (My name would probably be “Good Thing She Didn’t Live During This Period”)

  12. That is so cool! Kind of like a mountain man renaissance festival. Is that your mom shooting the bow and arrow? That is so awesome – and I love her cool looking outfit.

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  14. Many moons ago I went to a similar event only it was celebrating the Native American way of life. there were teepees and fires, bead and leather works, it was a very fun time, except for me stepping on a yellow jacket nest in my bare feet. :-(

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