So Much Bird Watching to Do — 8 Comments

  1. That Waxwing is so darling! I love watching animals tend to their young, from catching food to feeding, to giving flying lessons. We have had three families of birds make their nests in our garden; a wren and her mate diligently provided for their family in our birdhouse. It was fascinating to see how one bird stayed in the house, poking its head out while the mate would frequently fly back with food. I could see one of the little ones poking its head out with mum! Then, one robin set up house on one side of an arbor, right outside our kitchen window, giving us a front row seat view. THEN….another robin is currently on the other side of this arbor, nesting at this moment. All we can see is her rump and tail sticking up high from the nest. She barely fits in the nest!!!!!!!!

    Oh Mary, keep bringing on the nature love!

  2. Hello, the eagle and osprey photos are just awesome. I love all the birds. Great post. Have a happy day!

  3. What a show! I love watching birds. Cedar Waxwings are one of my favorite songbirds as well, their splashes of color are so striking!

  4. That is an amazing spot!!! You are great at capturing birds while they fly! I love the young bald eagle looking down at his fish! I also love the Cedar Waxwings. We had a huge flock of waxwings here two winters ago, and I became very fond of them.

    I’m glad that you’re having such fun.

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