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  1. Both of the girls are TOTAL nutcases!! They just FREAK!! I was wondering what you did if your dogs had to go to the vet…since you aren’t really in one place very much. I have been meaning to ask you that question!

  2. Oh, poor Torrey! I would be the same way. I don’t like to be anywhere near the vet and would try like crazy to get out of the area if we were near. Nice people, but I don’t like what they do to me there.

  3. Our Sally hated the vet too and she would dig in and refuse to go. I changed vets and she got over it. She just hated the vet where she got spayed :) Don’t blame her.

  4. To many distractions for the poor doggies. I feel the same way when I drive by my OBGYN office. Mike has to calm me down. I shake and whine and become a nutcase.

  5. Poor Torrey! My dog Pierson is terrified of the vet too. I called my dog Sephi a nutcase all the time, but because she was silly for other reasons, like squirrels and the way she pranced backwards for dinner.

  6. Daisy is both, with an emphasis on NUTCASE. All the time, not just at the vet’s! That’s a beautiful shot of Torrey, and I also love the first one with the snow-covered mountains in the background.

  7. Harley is so weird, he loves to go to the vet. The office is close to our dry cleaners, so when we go to drop off shirts – Harley gets all excited thinking he’s going to the vet… weird!

  8. Luke is definitely a super sniffer, he is very difficult to walk because he spends so much time sniffing! He’s also turning out to be a bit of a nut case. He barks at our own cars sitting in the driveway, and anything else that he thinks is out of place.
    At least your walk wore them out, they look to be sleeping quite soundly!
    We love them in spite of their quirks though, don’t we? Or maybe we just appreciate their quirks because we know we all have some!

  9. Well I’m pretty sure my dog Laika would be a nutcase if we had to pass by the vets office. I feel so bad that she hates it so much, though she is improving. So yeah, I guess I’d have to say my dog might be a nutcase as well :) I still remember my friend telling me about walking her dog a few years ago.. They found a cat in a sidewalk drain and we’re able to get it out. She says that to this day her dog has to investigate every single drain they pass by..

  10. What a nose Torrey has!!! (and bad vet memories, I guess). My dogs are such nutcases that they get excited about going to the vet. Can you imagine? I bet Torrey can’t.

  11. My dog is a total and complete nutcase, as I’ve documented a few times on my blog. :) I love the sleeping pups pics. Anything sweeter than a sleeping pup??

  12. All our (5) dogs have been VERY aware of the vet smells but the first three were pretty desensitized since they used to go with me to work at the animal hospital and hang out. In fact,they got to expecting that a visit meant treats and loves!

    The latter two, Huffle and Thumper, have just been super easygoing and while they know where they are and that *things* have been done to them there, they never dug in and ran off. Thank goodness, they were the strongest of the pack, weighing in over 90 lbs each :)

  13. You know I am a nutcase! Maybe Torrey caught wind of a dog that smelled “off” and that made her upset. I know all I need is one whiff of that big galoot Harley the standard poodle that walks in my neighborhood and I lose my mind.

  14. Walking in the direction of the toenail torturers 2 blocks away I sat down and would not move an inch. Mom tricked me and walked me across the street and then back. Drat. Love Dolly

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