My Hummingbird Buddies — 16 Comments

  1. Wonderful pics of these tiny jewels Mary.”Humming bird” Very interesting little bird. Looks like they were glad to see you back with your offerings. Little clown fairies that zip around with such grace; and never seem to land.

  2. WOOOOOOOOOO, Mary, these have to be some of your BEST shots! You know how I feel about your horses, and they will always be my favorites, but you have captured another symbol of “Freedom” here. It’s not easy freezing freedom, but your skills and choice of lighting have brought this to your audience. That male, well ain’t he charming! He looks like a Minnesota Viking, donned in his purple! And the svelte female, such an emerald beauty. AWESOME WORK!

    • Thanks so much. Ya, the male does look like he has a purple helmet or something on. It’s a challenge to capture these little guys, but so satisfying when I do.

  3. They appear so big in your photos, but they are such tiny birds. Hummers always bring my mom back to her little girl days. Her grandparents lived up north on a lake and had a hummingbird feeder. Everyone used to sit around and watch them. No idea what kind of hummers they were, but they are definitely cool birds.

  4. Hello, your hummer photos are stunning. The Costa’s is beautiful. I love them all, Torrey is a birdwatcher too. Gorgeous photos! Enjoy your day and new week!

  5. I’m going to think about that now every time I see a hummingbird – I love it! We only have ruby-throated here so I really enjoyed seeing these other varieties (though the females look basically the same). What great shots you got, and the purple on that male Costa is amazing!
    Apparently Torrey wanted to see the birds too, or she wondered what was so good that they were eating! :)

  6. Gorgeous! We have a lot of hummingbirds coming around our hedge. In fact, two of them were fighting quite a lot over it just yesterday! (It’s a big hedge, you guys! Share it!) I tried to go get my camera and capture some pics of them but couldn’t get a single decent one!

  7. We did have some a few years back, but they are so quick, I never really got a good look at them, never mind a photo!

    Love the pics. That last hummingbird looks to be quite a bit bigger than the others. I might be able to get a pic of that one. ;-)

  8. The male Costa’s throat is such a brilliant purple that it almost looks like it must be fake! LOL. They are such gorgeous animals. I love when we have ours around. Thanks for sharing your “buddies”!

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