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  1. A woman I knew used to collect the most intricate webs she found and then mount and frame them. She had a technique of placing them perfectly and making them stiff and visible. It was a very interesting collection, but I couldn’t help thinking that nature should be left in place.

  2. Mary! I see that I put my comment in a totally different space above…I hope you got it! Thank you so much for coming to visit my page. It means a lot to me that a photographer of your caliber would come to see my work. Thanks to you, I am going Pinteret-free and using nothing but my own photos. It’s fun! Anita

  3. YES! Evolving, that is the key! Thanks a bunch my friend. I miss seeing Torry and Roxy the foxy lady!

  4. We love what you find inspiration from and how you notice the littlest things. What we find inspiration from is totally different but that doesn’t matter. Love Dolly

  5. Beautiful spider web photos! You captured it so artistically! I agree about camping and how the sun/moon phases become an important part of daily life. I always miss it when we arrive back home…

    Like you, a big inspiration for me is nature (and my dogs)!

  6. I love seeing natural things. It’s strange how a spider’s web can be almost invisible until the light catches it in a certain way. They’re also beautiful when covered in dew.

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  8. Nature definitely inspires me too! Spider webs are really fascinating when you actually look at them, or capture them in a photo. As long as it doesn’t contain a huge ugly spider! :)

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