My memory is shot, but that’s OK sometimes — 12 Comments

  1. I’m at the point where if I don’t make a note to remind myself, quickly, I can’t remember what I was making a note about.

    (And if someone told me I needed a DEF I would think they were making something up….)

  2. DANG, sounds like a western here! GET OUT OF BUTTE, like, Get out of DODGE! Goodness, you must run into some interesting situations on your travels, Mary. But the dogs look happy now, (love, love that photo of the two of them looking up) and you are OFF to another adventure. May it be a safe and happy one! And…..ya got your wheels back. SADDLE UP, LET’S GO!

  3. There’s nothing worse than staying in a bad campground. When I used to go hiking/camping (tent camping, no campers or RVs) – PRE internet days, so there was really no way to know if a campground was good or not – 99 percent of the time the places were great. But that one time we actually broke camp and left (after a full setup) within an hour of getting there because this beautiful, stream-side wilderness seemed to attract rowdy types for some odd reason, one batch of which was just a matter of yards away from us. It was scary and nasty, and there we were looking for another place to go at dusk. We ended up finding a place after dark and setting up camp by headlight. It was an adventure, though, especially waking up in a place where we had no idea what the surroundings would be! Ahh, good times. :D

    • A bad campground, makes for a horrid experience. We try our best to avoid campgrounds. This story takes a turn for the worse though, more coming later on that.

  4. I’m glad that you didn’t miss the art show! My memory is pretty shot too so you’re not alone!

  5. We had friends show up at our house a week early for a dinner party once. Oops! Good thing the house was clean! :) Anyway, at least you’re not alone. At least you were early and not late!

    Love the “snacks” pic!

  6. I used to have a memory like a steel trap, now I can barely remember what I ate for dinner the night before. I think in general, the world and our lives are busier and that fills up our brains. That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it. :-)

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