My Muse is going to the dogs — 25 Comments

  1. teeeheheheee…..theses two truly are adorable, and I’d have to say that if I had access to them, I’d be photographing animals ALL DAY LONG. Torrey is indeed a beauty with that coat of fabulous fur; that shot of her on the dunes….WOWSERS! Sun beauty is she! And what can we say about Roxy? Her eyes tell all….her hilarious expression says A LOT to your readers, and like poetry (sorry, it’s always on my mind and I see it everywhere), we all get a different message from her expressions. My current muse lately are the vibrant flowers I see around my neighborhood and the fresh flowers my husband brings me. While on vacation, it was THE OCEAN…oh my goodness Mary, I can’t get enough of it! But I have to say that LIGHT and the way it shifts in my home and transforms textures, that is my muse.

    WISHING YOU a sensational day filled with lightography….be well, Anita

  2. Oh yes, definitely Rock Stars! Both of your doggies are adorable. Gorgeous sunset capture. Have a happy Wednesday!

  3. Have you ever had the urge to just squeeze them to pieces? They are so cute! Maybe you should put sunglasses on them for some attitude. I think they do have a lot of fame out there with a big fan club. If you asked me what my muse was for inspiration for my own art it was Mesa Verde. That place still haunts me. Remembering back on our first trip (alone) I saw the burnt gourd shards, pottery, and other artifacts they had found; and the discovery story about this mysterious place. The whole place had a spirit about it. Well I’m getting carried away here… It’s not about me; it’s about Roxy and Torrey and after all its your blog. I get carried away, sorry… Mike, ” what did you put in the coffee?”

  4. Agreed! Torrey is beautiful and Roxy is just so adorable. I would totally try to steal her from you given the opportunity. :) Dogs do make great muses, but I sure miss my Abby-girl. What a super model she was! She could really turn it on for the camera, whereas Rita hates the camera and will usually stop what she’s doing and look away when I get it out. Besides the dogs, the other main thing I take pics of is the sunsets here. We get a lot of pretty ones all year long. Just wish I could capture them 1/2 as good as you do!

  5. Dogs for me too! Torrey in the sand dunes is an amazing photo. Those two are rock stars!

  6. Yep, I getcha. And Honey is not nearly as photogenic as your two fuzzies.

    Last week we drove through a lovely nature preserve–lots of turtles, herons, eagles. Mike asked if I wanted a picture and I replied, “What’s the point? Honey’s not here.” :)

  7. Oh, mine is definitely the dogs too. Your two are SO photogenic! I love that sunset photo with Torrey.

  8. I mostly photograph the dogs, but I would say that first shot of Torrey has a pretty stellar sunset/water shot in there too.

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