My Photo Session with a Red Tailed Hawk — 10 Comments

  1. THAT, was so cool.

    That video with just the sunrise and the song, Mary, you are rockin’ my boat…..

    And this hawk. Look at Mister Beautiful! Preening and showing off as such; I bet he knew you were adoring his majesty, his awesome form and grace. LOVE each photo, especially of the one as he’s preening with ONE EYE ON YOU!


  2. WOW, Mary, your stunning photos of the hawk and video of the meadowlark singing through sunrise made my day! You have a gift for attracting nature’s messengers!

  3. Wow, wow and wow on that red-tailed hawk! Gorgeous photos! Did you pay him for the photoshoot? LOL!

    I adore meadowlarks. Lucky you!

  4. Love the birdsong. And that hawk is gorgeous. We have a hawk that hangs out in our neighbor’s huge eucalyptus tree, and often soars/hunts over the canyon in back of our house. It’s so cool to watch him! Sometimes his girlfriend (wife?) is there too and sometimes an offspring. So great. He’s often being harrassed by the crows. It’s so cool to watch -and sometimes he flies quite close/low by our house because we’re up at the high end of the canyon.

  5. Hello, awesome captures of the red-tailed hawk. It is a beauty! Love the meadowlark song. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  6. It’s like that hawk was preening and posing just for you! I love watching birds, but most of all I just love listening to their singing.

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