Narrow Slot Canyons — 20 Comments

  1. Hi Mary! WOW, the textures and contrasting edges of these tight spaces are GORGEOUS. Ya know, I have to be honest….I don’t look at old photos, especially those of my childhood. I tend to shun looking at those photos because my memory is SO VIVID, that I often rely on certain moments that come back to me with the glimmer of the noon sun, that often triggers great memory. I also have those old photos, including when I got married, ALL PILED UP IN A GREAT BIG, MESSY HEAP that I don’t even want to touch! LOL!!!!!!!!

    I should however, look at those photos. It’s important to remember with your eyes once in a while.

    • I really want to go back to some of these canyons and take real photos, now that I kinda know what I’m doing. Lol I have a bunch of prints from when my boys were growing up. Need to sift through them some day.

  2. it was great to use your time machine today :o) Thanks! I like it to watch old photos… except my own old photos… it eggsactly happened what my dad promised me once: later you will laugh at yourself with the crazy stuff you wear… true. LOL

    • Well I’m glad you liked the time machine trip, it was fun for me too. And yes, I have looked at older photos of me and thought…..what was I thinking?!

  3. Mary, there are some days when I LIVE down memory lane! When it’s all just too much and I long for my old camping/hiking weekends, driving where the wind took us, discovering new open roads that led to uninhabited adventures. I loved it. Puppy Torrey is beyond adorable!!! Those canyons are amazing, I’d love to be there to get the feel of their awesomeness.

    • Memory lane can be a nice place, but for me, I don’t want to live there very long. These canyons have an amazing feel, you can just sense the oldness.

  4. Hello, these are all beautiful images. I would like to hike in these place like the Gulch. Torrey was a beautiful puppy dog, she still is beautiful. Great photos. Enjoy your day!

    • I’m so glad you like the photos, and are able to enjoy a small vacation. That’s actually the best compliment I like to hear, that someone enjoyed the ride.

  5. I’m in awe with this narrow entry, Mary! Thank you for sharing your memories.
    Love Torrey’s smile. :)

  6. We go back through old photos sometimes looking for specific things. These days it makes Mom cry a lot, so we are trying not to do it too much, but it does bring back so many memories. Torrey was such a cute little one!

  7. Yes, old photos are so fun! Oh my, wasn’t Torrey adorable? Great photos but that first canyon looks like an especially cool place to hike.

  8. One of my favourite hiking memories was Zion national Park –your photos take me back and immerse me in the calm and tranquility and beauty of that trip. Thank you.

  9. I would love to visit some of those canyons! And those puppy pics are way too cute! I love going through old photos. Heck, I guess it’s the reason I take them (well, other than for blog pics…) cuz I’m the only one who goes back and looks at them! :)

  10. Wait. What? You actually WALK between those rocks? OMG my claustrophobia is acting up just looking at the photos, but I loved looking at them. AND I love to look at older photos of my dogs, don’t they just take you back?

  11. I did one on slots too, but I’ve found I love canyon hiking in general and sometimes avoid slots. I do love technical canyoneering but don’t have the equipment so have to go guided. Great post!

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