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  1. I am a HUGE fan of Lamborghinis! They are my most favorite ride!! The closest I came was my little FieroGT which we customized…sadly I sold it a couple of years ago when we bought the RV. I do miss that car!

    I love looking at those Lambos!!

  2. WOW! I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in person! Lovely designs indeed, and it’s quite wonderful to always look at what human beings can achieve with the skills of art, math, science coupled with imagination.

    Those wild flowers Mary, SO GORGEOUS!!!!!! Anita

  3. Wow those are crazy great cars. Growing up my Mom got a 57 Pink T_bird with tuck and roll and all the bells and whistles. It had a convertible hard top with portholes. I loved taking it for a spin with the top down. I got lots of whistles. I have a first cousin in Prescot, Az. She loves it there. Happy sight seeing and shopping for treasures

  4. Yes, that is a big change from the desert but since that is where we are, I hope you enjoy! Although the fancy cars are attractive (and they really are), give me Mother Nature anytime…:)JP

  5. I guess you didn’t trade in the truck for one of the fancy cars? Prescott is nice. Mom had an aunt and uncle living there years ago.

  6. I’m reading your post from our kitchen slider looking out over the most beautiful sunrise at KOFA. We’re camped about 500 yards beyond the Zen circle. What a gorgeous location. All those tall spiky cacti are in full bloom. Such a fantastic place to boondock. Thanks for all your posts from here.

    Would love to see a parade of Ferraris come racing by us on this dirt road. That would be something. Good luck with your travels North.

    • I’m so glad you are loving it!!!!! I am so jealous! It’s cold up here in Prescott, well 70’s during the day, but 40’s at night. I don’t think that dirt road would be good for a Ferrari though.

  7. Never thought you for a car person! I think we drove through Prescott on the way to Las Vegas not sure, but it is pretty up there enjoy! Mom loved cars as a young girl too so of course she had to buy a sports car in middle age! Love Dolly

  8. The 2015 Lamborghini Huracan starts at only $237,250 – I think you should get two at that bargain price, one bright yellow and one fire-engine red. ;) They are all definitely sleek, sexy cars, but my favorite has always been the 1965 Mustang…BUT I’d be MORE than happy with the 2015 Mustang, that’s one hot car!

    You’re in my favorite kind of area – forests. Those are the places where we used to camp, and I just love them, the coolness and breathability (my new word!) of the air, all the bird songs, wind whistles, and other critter sounds that come with them. I’m sure you’ll find lots of interesting things to photograph there!

  9. The Italian cars are works of art more than any other, but if I had that kind of money I still don’t think I would buy one. But one never knows…..somehow I doubt I’ll ever find out ;-)

  10. So very different, nature and car, but each beautiful in their own way!! I’m looking forward to seeing more of Prescott and your time there.

  11. Hope it was a productive show for you and it was great fun meeting you and Al. Safe travels and hope to meet up in the desert some where next season.

  12. I love the way the texture of the yellow flower petals echoed the texture of the tree trunk below it.

    And I appreciate the lines of a lovely car too. Even as much as I hate driving, riding, and listening to their engines.

  13. I love classic cars, but more like the old 50s or 60s cars. Would love to have a 65 Mustang!

    I love Prescott! My mom used to live there so we used to go at least once or twice a year. Haven’t been in a while. Looking forward to more pics!

  14. I like the look of sports cars but wouldn’t want to own one. I’d be so worried someone would want to steal it! There’s enough to worry about without that. :))

  15. Great photos, I prefer the woods myself so the campground would be perfect!

    The cars are nice too, but I like the old classics myself. :-)

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