Nature on the Edge — 11 Comments

  1. Oh Mary, you take me where I’ll probably never go in this life. That MISS MOOSE is beautiful, and I suppose she’ll be MRS BULL MOOSE in a few days!

    Nature is fabulous. And our squirrels are getting FAT every day and getting ready for a long Minnesota winter.

  2. oh that’s interesting… I prepare the ground for peeing too… but I had no clue that I have to lay down there to smell like Mr. 100k volt… thanks for the idea, I will try it tomorrow :o)

  3. I love your two takes on “edge”. I didn’t realize how the “matchmaking” between moose happens, that’s so interesting! That alpen glow on the Tetons is so amazing, it would be enough to get even me out of bed at dawn.

    I always pay attention to changes in nature, and this morning the birds are making a huge nonstop racket around here…I’m wondering what’s up. Maybe a hawk warning or something like that. It’s always interesting.

  4. I’m certainly glad I’m not a female moose as that does not sound like a smell I would like on my partner! Very interesting how every species is different.

  5. The black and white photo does give the mountain more distinction. I laughed out loud at your comment about the moose peeing and lying down :-p LOL
    You sure know how to capture this magnificent scenery! Well done!

  6. I swear the chipmunks around here have been stocking up all summer long. The dogs are constantly needing to go running out of the house and sniffing around on the patio where they’ve been passing through!

  7. Gorgeous photos! I love the moose ones. Today, I got caught in the middle of 3 bull moose and 1 cow moose. It was scary but no one charged me. I backed out of the situation and took the long way home. I got almost nada for photos because I was too nervous!!!!

    We might go near the Tetons next summer. The only downside is that so much of that area is National Park. We’ll have to camp outside it… but I still look forward to seeing those ragged peaks!

  8. I love all your nature photos, whether they be of animals or trees and mountains! The photo of the chipmunk makes me smile – I love the little critters! (Always have since childhood, including those 3 adorable animated ones named Alvin, Simon, and Theodore. ?)

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