I need a little help from my friends — 27 Comments

  1. Voted for them all. Good luck. We entered a voting contest once, never again. Way too stressful, but it works for lots of folks, hope it does for you.

  2. Voted!! The only problem when I was going to share, it doesn’t pull up YOUR photo that I voted for….people that don’t know you won’t search. I don’t know of a way around that problem. Same when I tried to tweet, the tweet advertises the contest as a whole, not your specific photos :( Good luck!!

    • The best way to share it I found is to copy the URL when you have the picture pulled up. That’s the link I used in this post. Thanks!!

  3. Thank goodness I don’t have to pick just one! You’ve got my votes and my daughter will be voting for you as well. Good luck – you deserve to be in the top!

  4. I am not typically a fan of B&W photography (just personal preference), but I truly like your “Twilight in the Desert.” “Sonoran Sunset” is also quite stunning!

    I don’t have a FB account, so not able to vote.

  5. Oh, so now I’m just a friend? Is that all we mean to each other? It’s come to this? I know I swore my undying devotion to you and because of one tiny mistake, you throw that all aside? By the way, my marriage is working out fine. I’m sorry you couldn’t make it to the wedding but…, wait. Mary HONE? I thought this was Mary HORNE. I’m so embarrassed. Never mind anything I said. Of course I’ll vote for you….

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