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A new bed for me — 42 Comments

  1. That is a great and super comfy looking bed Roxy. I sure wish Dakota would use a bed, he won’t. I have bought so many and then Cody ends up using them! Have a great day!

  2. I bet a new bed will help Roxy’s back! I got a new one for me, and it made a HUGE difference for my back. A quality mattress is a great investment.

    BTW, did my reply about treating Dylan’s back issues reach you?

  3. What a great looking bed that is. And so comfy too! Maybe Mom needs to get one that’s TORREY SIZE so she doesn’t try and steal yours!

    Hap-Pee Monday!

  4. Looks like a great comfy bed to help your back; but it looks like in the last picture that Torrey would like one to. Looks like she is saying,:Wheres mine?”

  5. When we get older I think it is impawent that we get a comfy bed that supports are joints. I have noticed that since I got my bed that I have not been waking up stiff or limping. I hope your new bed brings you the comfort and support you need to make your back feel better just like mine has brought me.
    Happy Monday!

  6. That review came with perfect timing – great choice! Looks like the new bed is a win! I’d like to see Torrey try to squeeze onto it.

  7. Oh Roxy! I’m so excited for you! My babies are nearly 12 and I never think about their backs. Flash sleeps next to me on the couch, now, when I’m working, but I don’t think that’s about his back. Hmm. I might need to look at dog beds for the babies.

  8. Wow you’re one lucky pup, Roxy! That looks like such a super comfy bed, and my mom really likes the idea of being able to unzip the cover for washing. Have a cozy day! :)

  9. A new bed will do wonders for his back! I posted about Bentley getting his new bed for Christmas. It’s a Kong and he sleeps at least 2 more hours every morning! Mom & Dad LOVE that extra snooze time. : )

  10. Oh, poor Torrey could probably only fit her behind in there!

    You look so cute in your comfy bed! I hope it helps your back. (That’s why the hubs and I have gone through major bed-buying trauma – from back pain. Maybe we should have tried 1-800-Petmeds!)

  11. Those beds rock! Our dogs have two of them – left behind by departed sick or elderly dogs – so now our youngsters get to enjoy them!

    I’m so glad that you got one, Roxy!

  12. That bed does look very comfy Roxy! Don’t feel bad, Shiner hasn’t had many “real” beds either. That’s because she was always on the furniture. I’ve been trying to get her to sleep in her bed more often now though.

  13. That bed looks great! I’ve been thinking our older beagle Kobi needs a better bed, but haven’t been sure exactly what to get for him. We might try this one….thanks for the review!

  14. Your new bed looks very comfortable! And even if you don’t want to cuddle up with Torrey, perhaps she can use the bed when you’re not in it? Sharing is caring! ;)

  15. My little boy, a small cocker named Harvey, was having a terrible time with his back last year. I ordered the wiggleless vest online because someone recommended it. I made him wear it 24/7 for the few weeks and it really gave him the support he needed. Now he only needs it once in a while when he has overdone it. But after seeing how it helped my little Harvey I would recommend it to others too.

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