New Holiday Cards, and other Random Stuff — 16 Comments

  1. It sounds like you are going to have a great month even if it is at an RV park without Al. Enjoy and remember you will get to be warm all winter which is your dream!

    • Anthem is way too close to the big city for us. Lol We will boondock near Yuma for probably a week, so we can go to mexico for dental stuff. Then head to our boondock spot near Quartzsite. Move around in that general area is the plan.

  2. Hello, it is great you will be able to spend time with your friend. The warm weather is a plus. Enjoy! I love your photos, mug and the cell phone case.

    Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and new week!

  3. I wasn’t even able to re-order my custom blog Christmas cards that I made last year :( I am super bummed about it. I should have ordered them way earlier. Now I am using awful drug store cards (that is, if I can even send them out in time!) Yours are darling!

  4. Chris Moose…love it! It sounds like you have a very good plan in place, and I can imagine how happy you must be to be headed towards some warmer weather. Safe travels!!

  5. Safe travels and I’m sure you can’t wait to be back in the desert. Sorry to see you aren’t doing any shows this winter.

  6. So glad you found a good place to land while Al is working with his son. I know Amy was really excited about you coming.

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