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  1. I’m so happy that I was greeted by a moose as I entered your side, how great that you picked a moose for the header :o) I cross my paws that the island is the place for you… I saw they have a beautiful lighhouse and I’ve read about strawberry farms… :o)

    • Yes, I saw photos of the lighthouse too. I am so going there. And sadly, I don’t think we will have strawberries in the winter.

  2. I love your new website, Mary! I really like how the banner is different on some of the pages too, that makes it even more interesting. The island sounds so different, I’m looking forward to seeing pics. I hope you’re pleasantly surprised and very happy there. :)

    • Thanks for checking out the new site, and giving an opinion. We are feeling much better about things since we found the island RV park.

  3. Ooooo… an “island'” means “beaches” … which will mean “beach pics”??? Off to check out the photography site. Congrats on the new site. Wishing you safe travels on your way to WA! So pretty there!

  4. Hope the spot works out for you. Even if it isn’t where you really want to be, you will be there for a reason, and can make the best of it!

  5. Congratulations on you new web site! Mom looked into adding a simple store to my site and our tech person totally scared us off of it based on how complicated it is. So we are totally impressed. Glad to hear about your Seattle move, we’ve heard of Vashon before because our friends have a house on Bainbridge and they use the ferry to commute too, so its a great option for Al. If I find out they will be in Seattle while you are there I’d like to hook you up as they are huge dog people with an Aussie (Bleu), English Shepherd (Finn) and a minnie Aussie (Teagan) but only Teagan travels with them to Seattle. Good luck! Love Dolly

    • It’s really pretty easy to set up an online store. That site is geared for photos, but there are other super easy ways to sell other stuff. We are excited about Vashon. If we do get to stay there, I think it will work out well.

  6. I’m so glad that things are falling into place. I hope it’s lots of fun to explore the new place. It does look blissful to be a dog – and not have to worry about these types of details.

  7. Glad you were able to find an option that will be comfortable for a while.

    I know you’re not looking forward to the cold and the rain. But I know you’ll make the most of it. And I hope you enjoy spending time on the water.

  8. Your new site looks great!! I’m glad you were able to find a place so you can go forward with your plans…it sounds very nice, hope it turns out to be a good place for you. And of course I’ll look forward to the photos and seeing your new place through your eyes too!

  9. Excellent work on the new site! You have some amazing photography and you’ve put it together beautifully. I hope it’s a roaring success for you!

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