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  1. Wow.This is what I love about blogging. We can visit places and people no matter where we are, no matter what time of the day. Thank you for that tour, Mary and your photos are amazing.

  2. I love your creative photos of the people reflections! The legs and feet, and sometimes more of them in the reflections than you can see of them above. Maybe share some of them in Outdoor photog femmes?? Sounds like a real nice time! Wouldn’t it be great if some orcas arrive in Puget Sound, while are in Port Orchard??

  3. These are beautiful. I especially like the reflections, and of those especially the legs, and the one with the complete people (red sweatshirt). And I love the pelican in flight, and diving. Great shots! How fun. I’ve never been to Oregon but from what I’ve seen in other people’s blogs I need to go there some day.

  4. Great pictures Mary! I enjoyed the reflections! You captured the people on the beach in such a creative way. Love the diving pelicans!
    The virus may not have gotten you close but you still got to see a bit of Cobble Beach from afar.
    Oregon is one of the last 3 states I need. Thanks for the pictures… this way I know what I need to see.
    Glad you are doing well. Take care my friend!

  5. The beaches look gorgeous. I don’t like photographing people either, it isn’t fun and I feel weird about it. Enjoy your time there.

  6. Great location…ans we could do with some sea air right now. Strange old world, and whilst we all understand the current need for caution, some of the rules we have to live with here in the UK are contradictory…… then we have jobs worths who interpret them to suit themselves. Enjoy you beach break ?

  7. Sorry you didn’t get to go everywhere you wanted (stupid virus!), but you sure did see a lot it seems and got such wonderful photos. I haven’t made it to the seacoast this summer (we had a trip planned in the spring but had to cancel), so I really enjoyed these.
    I love how creative you got with the people photos!!

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